Thinking of getting piercings?

Earrings are a big staple when it comes to fashion, the right pair can make or break your look. Having a favorite pair of earrings is usually the case. The earrings that go with every outfit but what happens when your favorite pair gets lost or even worse they break? Do you return to Claires or forever 21 and buy a huge pack of earrings that turn black or fog up in the shower? Expert Jewelers recommend that the average earring wearer have one favorite pair they wear on a daily that is made of 14k gold standard. The type of gold is strictly your choice, I recommend gold because of the durability earrings should last you a lifetime. The right pair of gold hoops or stud earrings can surely get the daily job done. Choose a pair that is you, that goes with many outfits you can choose from cute designs like the money sign or your chic gold ball earrings or sexy gold hoops. If your a hoop kind of person then choose a hoop that feels comfortable and doesn’t stretch your ear lobe to avoid any damage. Sil Jewelry offers great quality fine gold earrings and most importantly we guarantee them for life. 


Here are 3 simple things to know before getting your ears pierced. To keep healthy piercings. 

1. Choose your metal carefully. A good place to begin is 14k gold earrings. If you are more interested in a silver style look then choosing white gold is the best alternative. Due to the fact that solid 14k gold white or yellow will both hold the hypoallergenic standard. 

2. Know your healing time frames- When you get piercings you need to be fully recovered when changing earrings. Sometimes the process takes much longer than anticipated. 

3. After Care -  Maintain your new wound! 

  • Do not touch a healing piercing with unwashed hands.
  • Most people do not recognize that cell phones, keyboards, and door handles are breeding grounds for bacteria. It is vital not to immediately touch your healing piercing (which is a current minor wound), which could carry something to your skin.
  • Keep an awareness of sanitation and what can recklessly touch your piercing throughout your healing period.
  • It’s necessary to use clean bedding and towels. Keep pets and pet dander off pillowcases while you are healing.

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