What Material Should You Choose For Your Wedding Band

Unless you're staggeringly rich, every investment must be made, at least in part, based on the expense of the item. Perhaps you could theoretically spend $5000. Then you have to determine how much you're prepared to pay, which is based on the value you assign to your wedding bands.


How much do you value wedding bands? What features are most meaningful to you? Do I have to comprise quality over price? If you spend a given amount of money on rings, what can you not do with that money that you might want to do with it? Is that, more or less important to you than your rings? On average couples spend about $3000 on their wedding bands. The following factors are suggested when purchasing

  • Make
  • Price

The make of your ring should be one that lasts. Sil Jewelry recommends you choose gold if you plan on wearing it everyday and over decades. You want to ensure your wedding bands are made of durable metals. 

For example, if you're looking to have a subtle style and silver is your tone of choice try looking into 14k White Gold wedding bands. They are not only durable but are beautiful and shine brighter than silver. They are tarnish proof and essentially are crafted from a strong material. In theory, you can lose your wedding band in a salty ocean and recover it a decade later and still find it in one piece and pristine condition. Why, because Gold is the least reactive element known to man. Sadly the same isn't true for silver, as silver will respond with atmospheric oxygen at room temperature to form silver dioxide which is why silver jewelry turns black after prolonged use. Whereas gold jewelry does not react with any atmospheric gases. Next time you're in the market to purchase jewelry as significant as a wedding band consider 14k gold. 




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