Will Sweat Ruin My Jewelry

A gym is an outstanding place and a remedial habit that allows us to preserve a fabulous physique. Professional athletes, in particular, are infamous for playing in gold jewelry. Nothing has prevented them from coupling sparkle to their uniforms. Continual necklace-wearers include MLB All-Stars and NBA players in Cuban link chains. But how does our gold jewelry stand up to the test of sweat and motion? Have you ever considered if it’s a good idea to wear our jewelry to the gym? The fact is we sweat up to 300 calories in just one gym session. Yes, soul cycle lovers we drop that much sweat. If you’re concerned about conserving your jewelry in pristine status, there are some things you should remember. In general, there are two elements to fine jewelry: gemstones and precious metals. Whether your jewelry can withstand your exercises depends on what it’s made of and what you're doing. Let’s start with gemstones.

“Perspiration and chlorine won’t harm gemstones,” says Russell Shor, senior industry analyst for the Gemological Institute of America. “Nothing will bother them except for a hard, sharp blow.” Crystalized gemstones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are tough to scratch, but they have a grain like wood, Shor says. If you forcefully hit them on something, they can crack or shatter along the grain. As for pearls and opals, leave them at home; they’re dainty and scratch easily. And if you have a thing for kunzite gemstones, keep them inside, because their violet color can wither in the sunlight.

As for precious metals, understand that silver and gold do tarnish in chlorine water. “If you’re swimming every day with a gold ring,” Shor says, “it can cause cavities in the gold’s exterior that look like little nicks.” Overall, platinum doesn’t react with chlorinated pool water. Most gold tends to be soft so they can scratch easily if, say, they clink against a dumbbell on lift day. It's also important to know that real gold will not tarnish when submerged in tap, fresh or saltwater. 

No matter what your jewelry’s composed of, one thing is certain: real gold holds up the best against salty sweat but chlorine will dull its brilliance, so make sure to clean it. Most colored gems can be cleaned in warm water with mild soap and a soft non-abrasive cloth. Sil Jewelry recommends that you clean your gold similarly.




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