Quinceañera Jewelry Collection

A Quinceañera signifies the coming of age for young women in Hispanic culture. The girl celebrating her 15th birthday is referred to "Quinceañera" and similar to a sweet 16, the party is a decadent formal occasion. Traditionally, the Quinceañera wears a formal princess-like gown and elegant Quinceañera jewelry. Customarily the Quinceañera receives a set of jewelry such as a necklace with the number 15 symbolizing the 15th birthday, a Quince años ring and Quinceañera bracelet signifying a Quinceañera's transition from childhood to young womanhood.  These gifts are given to the Quincerañera by her parents or godparents at a mass ceremony. The priest traditionally blesses the jewelry during the Quinceañera mass.  A rosary has also been a favorite gift for a Quinceañera. Sil Jewelry has designed a collection of Quinceañera Jewelry, to embrace and love and that will most importantly last for generations to come.