Warranty & Repairs

We stand by our products

We at Sil Jewelry take pride in offering high-quality jewelry, and we stand behind all of our products. If you experience any problems with Sil Jewelry products, the following information will help you with getting it repaired or replaced quickly and easily. 

Most Damaged Jewelry products can be repaired
In order to keep and preserve our Jewelry and ensure you can wear it for as long as you wish, we offer repair services. If we cannot repair your jewelry we will replace it.              

Sil Jewelry Endless Guarantee 

How many times will my jewelry be repaired or replaced? 
Sil Jewelry will repair any jewelry piece Endlessly. If you receive a replacement and experience damages with it we will continue warranty and repair procedures on your item.  

How to obtain warranty service or repair service for damaged products?
(please follow the instructions and guidelines below.)

  • Email Sil Jewelry and request service repair at  shop@siljewelry.com
  • Please make sure to mail the damaged item as Sil Jewelry must inspect it for repairs.
  • Sil Jewelry will provide a pre-paid shipping label.
  • Please do not send anything but the jewelry piece.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for your item(s) to be returned to you.