Santa Muerte 14k Solid Gold Pendant
Prenda De La Santa Muerte
14k Gold Santa Muerte Patron of Death Santisima Muerte Charm Pendant

La Santa Muerte 14K Yellow Gold Pendant

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La Santa Muerte Pendant by Sil Jewelry is crafted from solid 14k yellow gold and features a polished finish. Choose a matching 14k solid yellow gold box chain to pair with your Santa Muerte Pendant. The Santa Muerte Charm Pendant by Sil Jewelry has all the original features of the Santa Muerte which includes the Santissima Muerte cloak, along with the Santa Muerte scythe and scales in hand.

  • Gold Color: Yellow Gold 
  • Gold Purity: 14k  
  • Size: 30mm X 13mm
  • Markings: Authenticated with a 14K stamp
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Style: La Santa Muerte Pendant
  • Chain Type: 14K Solid Gold Box Chain 0.6mm (Optional) 

Please Note: As a commitment to excellence Sil Jewelry only offers quality gold & fine diamond jewelry. Our products are not plated or filled. We pride ourselves in providing 100% pure genuine gold products. We offer a 30-day return policy.